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A Ranging Panel Session on Affiliates

I had the great pleasure of sharing time with some great friends in the industry, on a Keep Optimising affiliate special webinar in May 2021.

Chloe asked some really insightful questions of us all, partly drawn from the four Podcasts recorded during April, all about the management of affiliates and online publishers. Hear my own podcast session with Chloë here

There were also some searching questions from the online audience about their own issues and how to optimise their own program management.

You can view the whole conversation here:

The Panel

Chloë Thomas runs the Keep Optimising Podcast, which you can find on our Podcasts page

Arlen Robinson is founder and COO or Omnistar Interactive

Ami Spencer is COO at Webgains affiliate network

Rick Magennis is the founder of Bearcat Media; and of the Affiliate Management Expo

Chris Tradgett is co-founder and CMO of Publisher Discovery

The Topics Covered

  • The steps or processes to develop an affiliate marketing strategy for a really focused product – 12:07
  • How many affiliates to recruit to properly sense check whether affiliate marketing was a good option for a business or not – 19:58
  • Conversion rates to expect from Affiliates/Influencers? 25:30
  • How to calculate or evaluate affiliate performance indices – and estimate ROI – 34:44
  • When to start preparing for a solid affiliate performance in the Q4 season – 37:46
  • Communicating Black Friday and other promotions – and how much prior notice it’s necessary to give – 42:54
  • Is it a good practice to create affiliate ads earlier in the months of August to October for an early customer conversion rate and less ad spend in view of Black Friday? – 49:33
  • The key criteria for picking the right affiliate software – 51:17

We had a great conversation – I look forward to actually meeting up again in person at a show or conference sometime soon!

Chris Tradgett

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