How to find new Affiliates

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I spoke with Chloë Thomas on her Keep Optimising Podcast in April 2021

The Challenge of Looking for Affiliates

We discuss thinking in terms of audiences and the type of audience you want to address.

We also look at the different motivations and the way your audiences are being communicated to, and study how the message you want to convey is going to be put through.

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Finding Affiliates on a Network

Most networks now have an internal recruitment system. This makes it easy and simple to search for an affiliate that will suit your program. Look for affiliates on the network that match your brand and what you’re doing, and reach out to them.

Using a Cold Outreach Process in Finding Affiliates

Nowadays, you can utilize available social media channels to talk about your program and reach out to potential affiliates:

Specifically, I talked about using Twitter for reaching out and engaging with prospective affiliate partners.

Is Google a Place for Finding Affiliates?

If you’re working on integrated campaigns, you can search Google for affiliates that are on your keywords. However, it is possible you might find yourself having to explain what affiliate marketing is to those who are not familiar with it.

Fast-tracking with Publisher Discovery

Using Publisher Discovery’s tool makes it easier and simpler to find affiliates who already understand what affiliate marketing is, and who will be a good match for you based on the filters you use to search.

The software also shows you the affiliate’s social media accounts and from there, you can begin engaging with your prospects.

This is important because affiliate marketing is still about people and relationships, and this is where engagement becomes crucial.

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