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Affiliate marketing statistics show that the industry generates around 16% of all ecommerce sales globally – and expected to reach $8.2 Billion in the USA alone by 2022. Analysis of this industry has been at best fragmented as it’s been based on reports from rival affiliate networks and SaaS providers, all based on their own market views.

Over much of the past few years’ projections were based on the Forester Report from Rakuten – but that was in 2016 and in reality nobody really knows how big the affiliate market is overall. If we look at the projections in the recent article from MartechRecord, we’re looking at $56 Billion – and even growth in affiliate tracking projected to climb to $2.29 Billion on 5 years!

Global Report

In Publisher Discovery’s report, they have been working on providing a framework on which to base other market views. This gave a view of relative share of the affiliate market, on a global basis.

The report is based on analysis of over 2.7 Billion links from around 3.5 million affiliate websites which were linking through to over 500,000 online advertisers. The way this data is collected and analysed is completely independent of any affiliate network input, so gives an ‘agnostic’ view of the entire affiliate market.

Market Growth

The growth in this market has always been strong, though the past year of 2020-2021 has been phenomenal by any measure. This was driven in part by the changes in the wider advertising market. Many brands cut above the line spend – in many cases completely, and others moved their attention towards performance led activity. So affiliate was suddenly a central focus in the C-Suite for both the advertisers and major publishers; there were some significant growth in programs and big jumps in affiliate sales. A trend that has continued as markets have opened up more fully during 2021.

Global View of Affiliate Networks

The report offers an initial and impartial view of this fast-moving – and fast growing market. It examines the relative share of market on a global basis in a simple format, both in terms of share of affiliates’ published websites – and share of all global affiliate links.

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